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Pastor Life began as a website designed for Baptist ministers in 2001.   The goal of the site was and is to provide sermon helps, illustrations, articles and other information tht conforms to the Baptist Faith and Messagee 2000 of the Southern Baptist Convention.

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Is a excellent source of preaching, teaching and worship resources.  Free and paid subscription access is available.

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Sermon and Illustration resource site administered by Logos Bible Software.

Resource site for pastors sponsored by Pastor Rick Warren of Saddleback Community Church.

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Answers In Genesis

Answers in Genesis is an apologetics (i.e., Christianity-defending) ministry, dedicated to enabling Christians to defend their faith and to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ effectively. We focus particularly on providing answers to questions surrounding the book of Genesis, as it is the most-attacked book of the Bible. We also desire to train others to develop a biblical worldview, and seek to expose the bankruptcy of evolutionary ideas, and its bedfellow, a “millions of years old” earth (and even older universe).

AiG teaches that “facts” don’t speak for themselves, but must be interpreted. That is, there aren’t separate sets of “evidences” for evolution and creation—we all deal with the same evidence (we all live on the same earth, have the same fossils, observe the sameanimals, etc.). The difference lies in how we interpret what we study. The Bible—the “history book of the universe”—provides a reliable, eye-witness account of the beginning of all things, and can be trusted to tell the truth in all areas it touches on. Therefore, we are able to use it to help us make sense of this present world. When properly understood, the “evidence” confirms the biblical account.

Institute for Creation Research

After more than four decades of ministry, the Institute for Creation Research remains a leader n scientific research within the context of biblical creation. Founded by Dr. Henry Morris in 1970, ICR exists to conduct scientific research within the realms of origins and earth history, and then to educate the public both formally and informally through graduate and professional training programs, through conferences and seminars around the country, and through books, magazines, and media presentations.

Lee Strobel Ministries

Atheist-turned-Christian Lee Strobel, the former award-winning legal editor ofThe Chicago Tribune, is a New York Times best-selling author of more than twenty books and serves as Professor of Christian Thought at Houston Baptist University.

After investigating the evidence for Jesus, Lee became a Christian in 1981. He joined the staff of Willow Creek Community Church in 1987 and later became a teaching pastor. He joined Saddleback Valley Community Church as a teaching pastor in 2000. He left Saddleback to write books and host the national network TV program Faith Under Fire.

In addition, Lee taught First Amendment Law at Roosevelt University. In recognition of the extensive research for his books, he was honored by Southern Evangelical Seminary with the conferring of a Doctor of Divinity degree in 2007.

Lee's books include The Case for the Real JesusFinding the Real JesusGod's Outrageous ClaimsThe Case for ChristmasThe Case for EasterThe Unexpected Adventure (co-authored with Mark Mittelberg), and Surviving a Spiritual Mismatch in Marriage, which he wrote with his wife, Leslie.

Billions profess to believe in the historical existence, death, and supernatural resurrection of Jesus. This man from Nazareth, a working-class Jew, made an exclusive claim to personal deity. The size of his popular religion and this one audacious claim refuse to be ignored, yet neither one amounts to evidence.

Gary Habermas has dedicated his professional life to the examination of the relevant historical, philosophical, and theological issues surrounding the death and resurrection of Jesus. His extensive list of publications and debates provides a thorough account of the current state of the issue. Christian believers as well as unbelievers may find within the contents of this site a strong argument for the philosophical possibility of miracles and the historicity of the resurrection of Jesus, as well as the theological and practical implications of this event.